Pebbles & Twigs hopes to open in May |

Pebbles & Twigs hopes to open in May

Sticks & Stones Furniture will open a new store called Pebbles & Twigs located on 3156 Quarry Road next to Fresh Market.

The shop will be dedicated to selling consignment furniture and accessories. Owner Andrea Damiano hopes to open the store May 16.

Damiano explained that the name of the store was a fluke. She came up with it while driving to meet her lawyer to sign the paperwork, "I literally didn’t have time to run it by anyone," Damiano said. With sticks being the furniture and stones the accessories, Damiano explained that Pebbles and Twigs fit nicely as a spin-off sister store.

Pebbles & Twigs has already received a fair amount of merchandise, including some antique Asian pieces and leather couches, explained Sticks & Stones Manager Jennie Towery.

The goal is to provide Parkites with a range of affordable furniture depending on what is brought in, Towery explained.

Sticks & Stones started as a consignment store seven years ago, "we always found consignment to be a treasure hunt and we hope that Pebbles & Twigs adds to the adventure," Towery said.

The location on Quarry Road will allow the business to interact with the community a little more than the other store, Towery explained.

As the grand opening for Pebbles & Twigs gets closer, Damiano explained that things are going smoothly. "We happen to have some great ladies that were looking for part-time work. I felt good being able to help these women needing jobs," she said.

Because selling consignment is different than selling new furniture, Damiano explained that she wants to create excitement about Pebbles & Twigs so people check-in to find new items in the store. "Consignment is take-it or loose-it. Unlike selling new furniture where people are like ‘I want to show my husband’ or ‘let me bring my friend,’" Damiano said.

The key is having something for everyone. "We thought we could really separate the new furniture and consignment," Damiano said.

Items at Pebbles & Twigs will be marked down 15 percent after 30 days. Items sold within 60 days will be split 50/50 with Pebbles & Twigs and the original owner. Items not sold within 60 days will be donated to local charities, Damiano explained.

Pebbles & Twigs requests that pictures be sent to for evaluation before items are dropped off at the store.

Jennie Towery

(435) 655-5175

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