Pedestrian tunnel rules: stay to the right, slow down |

Pedestrian tunnel rules: stay to the right, slow down

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

Park City officials have installed a series of safety measures and are planning additional ones at the pedestrian-bicyclist tunnels recently built underneath two busy roads.

Heinrich Deters, who manages trails for City Hall and is highly involved in the municipal government’s pedestrian projects, said three signs have been posted at both of the tunnels. The messages on the signs are: "Downhill," "Slow" and "Keep Right Through Tunnel," Deters said.

He said mirrors will be installed at both sides of each of the tunnels to provide users a better view as they enter. The mirrors are scheduled to be put up on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, striping now marks a center line inside the tunnels and stencils have been put down on the pathways leading to the tunnels cautioning people to slow down.

Deters said the safety measures were planned as part of the overall projects and they are not in response to safety concerns.

"It wasn’t a reaction to anything . . . We always knew there needed to be additional steps," he said.

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One of the tunnels is underneath Bonanza Drive close to the Rail Trail intersection. The other is underneath Kearns Boulevard close to the Park City School District campus.

City Hall built the two tunnels with funding from a ballot measure passed by Parkites to pay for pedestrian and bicyclist upgrades. The tunnels are the most prominent of the upgrades paid for by money from the ballot measure.

The tunnels are seen as providing critical links for pedestrians and cyclists. Pedestrians and people riding bicycles may now navigate key corridors in Park City without having to cross a major street at road level.

Leaders see the Park City-area trail system as an important step in their attempt to reduce traffic and pollution.