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Perla Santana

Poems by Perla Santana

My name is ‘Perla Santana’.

I am a fifth grader at McPolin Elementary School.

I am eleven years old. I live in Park City.

I am a Mexican girl.

I am the second child of Yolanda Molina.

I like to have fun with my friends, play soccer, go swimming and play basketball.

I feel sad for the hungry people, but I feel happy for people that are helping starving children.

I am afraid of poor people dying.

I would like to see that the poor people have food,

And for the world to have peace.

Doesn’t Mean

Just because I’m a Mexican

Doesn’t Mean Americans can’t

Play with me.

Doesn’t mean I don’t like Americans.

And doesn’t mean they need to hate me

For the way I am.

Just because I speak Spanish

Doesn’t mean I’m weird.

Doesn’t mean I don’t like to

hang around with Americans.

Doesn’t mean Americans need

To be mean to me.

Doesn’t mean

I’m different from others.

Just because I’m Mexican

Doesn’t mean I have to move

To another country.

Doesn’t mean

I’m not free.

Just because I’m a Mexican does it mean

I’m not allowed in this country?

Does it mean I have to move to another school?

Does it mean I have to wear a sombrero?

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