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Personal Paragraphs

A tribute to Lily Fongeallaz

Liliane Chatte Fongeallaz died on Thursday, April 30, 2009, at home in Park City. Lily was born on September 6, 1993, at the Portland, Ore., SPCA to a mother who was a purebred Persian showcat and a father who wasn’t. She was adopted by Strike and lived in Portland, Atlanta and Orlando before moving to Park City in 1999.

When Strike had an accident and returned home from the hospital with a paralyzed leg, Lily became a caregiver (and guard cat). She spent six months keeping Strike company all day in bed and soothing Strike’s pain. Lily took a class to become a medical assistant animal and learned several commands. She was an excellent aide and comfort. Lily retired in December 2008, when she fell ill with kidney and heart failure.

Lily was in indoor cat until Strike bought a house with a small yard on Daly Avenue. Lily began spending many enjoyable hours in the garden. She spent two hours on her last day lying on the deck in the spring sunshine.