PHOTO: Youth connect with film stars |

PHOTO: Youth connect with film stars

Cast members of the Sundance film “Inventing Tomorrow” visit with Park City High School students involved in the Bright Futures program. The Bright Futures students a few days prior attended a community screening of the film, which documents students from different countries working on projects for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. After the screening, Cristopher Mora, a junior at the high school, invited cast members from Monterrey, Mexico, to tour the school. The Latino students in the Bright Futures program showed the teens the chemistry and physics labs and were able to hear about the differences in education between Mexico and the U.S. Mora, who is from Mexico, said that he learned about his own culture speaking to the students. Although he said he was intimidated by the cast members at first, he said he eventually realized they were “just regular teenagers who wanted to hang out.”

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