Physical therapy offered at home |

Physical therapy offered at home

Joanna Kahn has helped someone learn to walk again; it is one of her most rewarding memories from a career in physical therapy.

"That never leaves you," she said.

There are many different specialties within physical therapy and Kahn has broad experience but her favorite is long-term care during which she really gets to know a patient and see them progress.

The irony is: she judges success on how quickly she can get a patient to the level of performance they’re hoping for.

"My goal is not to see you," she said.

Kahn achieves these two professional goals by staging in-home treatments. She meets with clients, studies their everyday lives, and gives convenient exercise routines for improvement.

She brings her physical therapy table and basic tools such as hot and cold pads, big exercise balls and exercise equipment to appointments. She even has ultrasound and electrical stimulation units to offer the same level of care given in clinics.

Providing mobile care isn’t at all difficult for Kahn. For most of her career she’s done what is known as "traveling placement." Instead of having a set practice or office, traveling therapists work in several facilities within a set geographical area for several months. It is a health-care strategy used by hospitals and clinics experiencing seasonal flux or periods of transition, she explained.

Being a seasonal community, Kahn moved to the Park City area a few years ago looking for work, then fell in love and got married. Leading an active lifestyle herself, Kahn said she relates well with people here and their health and fitness goals.

In-home therapy provides a superior experience to clients because she’s able to give personalized attention and exercises tailored to specific needs.

Kahn has met clients who did well working out in a clinic’s gym, but didn’t know what to do at home. She has also witnessed bad ergonomics inside homes that exacerbate problems or create new ones.

Her techniques can help people recover from injuries or surgery, improve range of motion or address chronic pain and stiffness. But like any good health-care provider, Kahn said she’s particularly interested in providing preventative treatments. Young and old people alike can benefit from exercises and treatments to prevent injury, she said.

"You can have the full gamut coming to your house," she said.

Kahn said she’s proud to offer a convenient service because it’s difficult to get work off or find a babysitter for a two-hour session. When the session comes to you, there’s no excuse, she said.

She recommends techniques patients can do any time in their homes.

"I fit it to your life and it becomes more ‘real life,’" she said.

Her emphasis on preventative therapy also makes her service a great fit for visiting families, she said.

When people come to Park City to ski or mountain bike, they are often unaccustomed to the conditions and hurt themselves, Kahn explained. She’s prepared to visit vacation homes and hotel rooms to discuss the proper ways to prepare for, and warm down after, physical activity.

Kahn is offering free evaluations through October.

Joanna Kahn

Personal PT


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