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Pirl brings New York sophistication to Park City


Christa Pirl moved to Park City three months ago and would like to offer her services designing homes. It’s a crowded field she’s entering, but in addition to her experience designing high-end residences in New York City and Hawaii, Pirl also brings with her an impressive resume.

A graduate of the prestigious Parsons The New School for Design in New York City, she also has a Master’s degree in art history and antiques from Sotheby’s.

Pirl said this past allows her to do more than pick colors that look good together and order couches out of a catalogue. It gives her the expertise to identify truly unique pieces for a home that the owner will cherish and will become an investment for them.

"I know what things should cost and I’m familiar with the auction industry," she said. "I understand trends in the art world I look at projects from a curatorial aspect as well."

Pirl said she’s been impressed with the art produced locally, but also has access to pieces all over the world.

In New York and Hawaii, her designs were primarily contemporary, but also incorporated themes inspired by the city or the Pacific. She said she’s ready to embrace the contemporary western and mountain style that is so popular in Park City.

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"I can keep a contemporary vein while picking up on local influence," she said.

Being specialized in the old as well as the contemporary is not a contradiction, she said. It means she can apply her expertise of design through time to make unexpected creations. Being able to mix and match items and themes from different periods create mixtures that are not only tasteful, but truly unique.

"I enjoy not being fixed into a very specific style," she added.

Her studies took her to London and Paris, and the program at Sotheby’s was hands-on to instill a connoisseurship of artifacts, she said. They studied how objects looked and felt to critique their qualities and verify authenticity. Items up for auction were made available to the students, as were items from museums. She even had a few classes in the basement of the Met going through its collections.

These experiences have given her the ability to better judge how items will look and feel in a space, she said, and how they’ll interact with other objects.

"It’s a tactile quality that is great for interior design," she added.

Pirl likes to have a complementary consultation with all new clients to discuss places they’ve been, their interests, and their ideas for the space. She’s comfortable working for absentee clients, as is common in Park City, but working directly with the clients is so much more enriching for both parties, she said.

Pirl’s own background began on the East Coast and in the Old World. She was raised in Manhattan, Connecticut and Norway, where her mother is from.

Former client Jillian Benante said Pirl created an impressive design for her living room and foyer last year.

"She payed attention to detail, making sure everything had the right finish and fit into the space perfectly. Moreover, she has superb taste. I myself am an artist but could not have organized and designed my home without Christa’s professional eye," Benante said via email.

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