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Police investigate bow-hunting report off S.R. 248


The Park City Police Department is investigating a report of a bow hunter killing a deer on the undeveloped land along the S.R. 248 entryway.

Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the police received a call late in the morning on Nov. 17 from someone who said the hunter was dressed in camouflage and was loading a deer into a pickup truck close to a waterworks building off S.R. 248 east of Prospector.

The caller was concerned the person might have been hunting close to the Rail Trail. Kirk said a police officer found a blood trail in the snow and followed it to a spot where the deer might have been killed. The location is approximately 1,000 feet south of the waterworks building and appears to be in the Park City limits, Kirk said.

The suspect is a white man. The pickup truck is red.

"We don’t have a lot to go on," Kirk acknowledged.

Discharging a firearm inside the Park City limits is illegal. Using a bow and arrow falls under the law’s prohibition.

The case is at least the second one since late October involving a bow hunter killing a deer in the Park City limits. The earlier one occurred in terrain just above Old Town.

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