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Police probe disappearance of $3,000 from Thaynes Canyon sock drawer

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

The Park City Police Department is investigating the disappearance of $3,000 from a residence in Thaynes Canyon, saying the envelope that held the money was left behind when the cash was apparently taken.

The Police Department received the report in the middle of the afternoon on Nov. 22. Rick Ryan, a police captain, said the residence is for sale. The money belongs to the owner of the residence.

Ryan said a real estate agent showed the residence to a prospective buyer. The owner told the police he had an "uncomfortable feeling" after the showing. He checked the sock drawer in the bedroom closet where he kept the envelope with the cash stashed away, Ryan said. He found the envelope but not the money that was inside, the captain said.

Ryan said the owner last saw the money two days prior to the showing. He said the owner contacted the real estate agent afterward, but the agent denied involvement. Ryan said the owner, the real estate agent and one prospective buyer were inside at the time of the showing.

Ryan said it is not clear whether others were inside the residence in the two days between the owner last seeing the money and the showing.

Ryan said the police plan to interview the real estate agent and the prospective buyer. The envelope was sent to the state crime lab for fingerprints. He said the police do not have a suspect.

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"We’re definitely taking it serious. We’re going to work through this one," Ryan said, adding, "The individual’s missing a large amount of cash."

He said cases like the one in Thaynes Canyon are uncommon.