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Power to three PCMR lifts temporarily interrupted

Power was interrupted for a short time on Monday morning to three important lifts at Park City Mountain Resort, a spokesperson for the resort said.

Andy Miller, the spokesperson, said power was lost to the top of the PayDay lift, the bottom of the Silverlode lift and the bottom of the Bonanza lift. Each is a six-passenger lift.

Power was lost to the lifts for approximately 10 minutes, Miller said. There were an undetermined number of people on the lifts at the time. Miller said the lifts could have been stopped for longer than the 10-minute power outage as crews restarted them. They were restarted "as soon as we could," he said.

Nobody was evacuated from the lifts, Miller said.

Seven lifts were scheduled to be open on Monday. Miller said some lifts were also put on hold based on high winds.

Miller said PCMR did not suffer power outages beyond the three lifts.

A Rocky Mountain Power spokesperson said high winds caused the outage. Paul Murphy said the power outage lasted from 10:07 a.m. until 2:38 p.m.

Fourteen customers, including PCMR, were impacted, Murphy said. He said PCMR snowmobiles took Rocky Mountain Power linemen to the damaged section. The Rocky Mountain Power crew shut off power to 162 customers for four minutes as they changed sources, Murphy said.

It was not immediately clear how power was restored to the PCMR lifts prior to the outage ending in the afternoon.