ProClass: a different approach to web design |

ProClass: a different approach to web design


Chris Bachman is a Park City entrepreneur who has started over 25 businesses. After driving more than one custom web designer nuts with requests, he stumbled on something better.

He now owns the local franchise of ProClass Web Design. What makes them different is best explained by drawing a comparison to home construction, he said.

If a couple agrees to one of the builder’s designs, they save a lot of money and usually get their home faster. If the builder is careful, his designs will be spread out enough that no one notices the duplication.

Custom homes on the other hand, can be huge sources of stress for both builders and clients.

For small businesses seeking a functional, attractive website, the cost and stress of custom work just isn’t necessary, he said.

using designs created by a firm in Chicago under contract with ProClass, Bachman can sit down with a client and have them select what they’d like on their site and have a finished product in one or two weeks for half the price of a custom build, he said.

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The search engine optimization on the sites is top notch, he said, and he works with a limited number of each type of business so clients’ sites don’t compete with one another for search prioritization.

There are many varieties of designs to choose from, he said. Past clients have included musicians, landscapers, chiropractors and lawyers.

"I’ll do anybody we’re the best answer out there," he said.

With his own experience in business, Bachman said he can also relate to small business owners better than many computer professionals, he said.

"I can talk the lingo with business people; I can also ‘talk tech,’" he added.

ProClass offers all the bells and whistles, Bachman said. His sites can include shopping carts, downloads, virtual tours and more.

"My clients have all different needs and get totally different looks. The one thing they have in common is the site pushes them way up in the search engines," he said.

Bachman can be contacted at or by calling 888-434-8728. Visit for a gallery of sample websites.