Property management goes high-tech |

Property management goes high-tech

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Assurance Properties wants to set itself apart from the pack. One among many property management companies in Park City, owner and CEO Michael Kirklen said he a plan on how to stand out: energy and security services.

"We’re out to be the best property management company in Park City," Kirklen said. "That’s why we’re giving so much control to owners, especially the second homeowners in town.

"We can do everything the usual property management company can, except we’ve built on that."

Whether an owner is down the street or across an ocean, an internet connection and the management program gets access to change room temperatures, use motion sensors, watch security cameras, turn lights on and off and lock and unlock doors.

"This is about peace of mind," Kirklen said, "and that’s exactly what people get with this system. They can pick and choose services, like: do they want the full package or just the ability to regulate room temperature? The control is entirely in an owner’s hands."

Along with the ability to check in at any time, owners can also sign up to receive email and text notifications if the temperature drops below a certain point or if any motion is detected.

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"All a homeowner needs is high-speed internet and the system itself," Kirklen said. "This is a very user-friendly system. For people who are out of town weeks or months at a time, this system is easy to use and really does offer the knowledge that everything at home is safe and sound."

While Assurance Properties has been around for a couple of years, Kirklen said he was hesitant to offer something in Park City, that is, unless he could make it his own. The security and energy management option officially launched in February, and Kirklen installed the first system for a second homeowner who travels back and forth for work.

"I think condo owners and homeowners are both looking for more security from their property managers," Kirklen said. "It’s so important there is transparency in how our business works."

Assurance Properties works with several types of properties, offering services to homeowners, long-term rental properties and commercial properties.

Kirklen moved to Park City 13 years ago following a military career that originally brought him to Hill AFB. Happily settled in the mountains with skiing, biking and hiking just outside his door, Kirklen said he could never imagine leaving Park City.

And his system which is fully installed in his home has given him the same peace of mind he hopes to offer customers.

"I remember not too long ago I was out of town with my wife and my kids were locked out," he said. "I get this call asking for me to unlock the doors, so I hang up, pull up the app on my phone and it’s done. The kids are in the house with no problems."

Perhaps it’s not the most exciting story, but for Kirklen, that’s the point.

"How many times have we left the house and thought ‘Did I turn that off?’ or ‘Did I remember to leave the front light on," Kirkland said. "Not anymore."

Assurance Properties is asking for second homeowners in the area to participate in its free giveaway of one of its systems. The drawing will be held on April 1. For more information or to enter visit

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