Protect skis, thwart thieves |

Protect skis, thwart thieves

Parkites highly value their ski and snowboard equipment.

Thieves do, too.

The Park City Police Department, in its continuing effort to curb ski and snowboard thefts, offers a free registration program that allows people to enter their equipment in a police database. If the skis or snowboards are stolen, the police have a record of the equipment.

The police are promoting the program as the ski season starts. Park City Mountain Resort recently opened for the season, and Deer Valley Resort and The Canyons are scheduled to fire up the lifts Friday and Saturday, respectively.

Ski and snowboard thefts are common, with losses regularly reported to the Police Department. In some cases, the police have long said, people mistakenly take skis that look like theirs. Other people, however, are sometimes intent on taking the equipment, the police say.

The police say the thieves frequently try to sell the skis and snowboards on the black market.

Police records from the opening week of the ski season did not indicate there were thefts. Attendance was not heavy, however, at PCMR compared to busy ski periods such as the holidays and spring break.

Under the registration program, the equipment owner may visit City Hall’s Internet site and provide the Police Department information on an online form. The form asks for information about the person and the equipment, including the make, model, color and serial number.

People may submit the information from the site. The address is

"Nobody wants to lose them, no matter how inexperienced they may be," says Bill Morris, a Police Department reservist who manages the registration program.

The registration information is forwarded to Morris. He then sends decals to attach to the equipment to signify they are part of the registry. The information may also be sent to him,

Registration will also be available occasionally at PCMR and Deer Valley. It can be done at the police station as well, 2060 Park Ave. Police officers registering equipment were posted at the recent ski swap.

The registry is similar to one that the Police Department provides bicycle owners.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office does not offer a similar program. The Sheriff’s Office recommends people keep information about their skis and snowboards that can then be given to investigators if the equipment is taken.

The Sheriff’s Office has jurisdiction at The Canyons, and sheriff’s deputies are sometimes involved in investigations at PCMR and Deer Valley.

Morris says the Police Department has offered the ski and snowboard program for approximately three years. It is younger than the one for bicyclists. He says the Police Department has registered slightly more than 300 pairs of skis or snowboards.

He says the Police Department has recovered "a few" pairs of skis that had been registered. They were misplaced. Morris does not recall the registration leading to finding a pair of skis that had been stolen.

According to Morris, ski and snowboard thefts are more prevalent at PCMR than they are at Deer Valley. He says ski corrals are highly used at Deer Valley, but they are not as commonly used at PCMR.

For more information, call Morris at 615-5538.

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