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Quarterback prepares for new role at Weber State

by Jen Watkins, Of the Record staff

Park City High School star quarterback Erik Walker is preparing for a new role. "

Walker has led his football team to numerous victories, breaking several records along the way. He is well-known throughout his community as a leader and a force to be reckoned with on the football field. Now Erik will see what it’s like from a whole new perspective. He has signed with Weber State as a wide receiver.

"It will be different not being in front of the huddle, just being another player," Erik said. "But I never anticipated playing quarterback beyond high school. Playing receiver, I can still do a lot on the field."

Erik’s coach at PCHS, Brandon Matich, said Erik was always his right-hand man and he’s going to miss being his coach.

"He has a bright future ahead of him playing a new position," Matich said. "Weber State will find this is the best player they’ve signed."

Since his freshman year, he led the state in rushing yards per attempt with 451 attempts for 4,732 yards. As a senior, Erik was also the Miners’ leader on the defensive side of the ball, leading in interceptions and pass breakups, as well as being the third leading tackler. He was named to the All-State first team as a free safety, as well as a quarterback his senior year.

Erik chose Weber State after receiving offers from Navy, the University of Montana and Montana State because it is the most successful Division I program, his dad, Jim, said. He also had an offer to run track as well as play football at West Point. Erik is the state champion in the 100-meters and plans to run track for PCHS this spring.

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His mom, Karen, said she was grateful he chose an in-state school.

"It’s going to be much easier getting to Weber than it would be across the country," she said. "We’re going to be tailgate fans. There will always be someone there (at his games) from the Walker clan."

Karen said she plans to go to the games even if Erik is not playing because she wants to "get to know the team."

Jim said he’s as proud of Erik’s athletic accomplishments as he is Erik’s academic accomplishments and personal character.

"Athletically, it took a great deal of commitment and hard work to fulfill his obligations to his team and still pursue and attain an individual state championship in the 100 meters," Jim said. "Academically, he’s always understood that the classroom is his first responsibility and he’s taken on an extremely aggressive academic load while at PCHS and performed at the same level in the classroom as he has on the field and track. But most of all, I’m proudest when I hear him referred to as ‘a great young man and leader.’ That’s what I believe will be his greatest asset as he goes through life."