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Quinn’s Junction landowner announces bid for SenateEricksen will focus on decreasing the role of government

Sarah Moffitt, The Park Record

Quinn’s Junction landowner Greg Ericksen officially announced his candidacy for the Utah State Senate Friday morning.

In a press release, Ericksen said he will be running for the Senate seat in District 23 that was recently vacated by Dan Liljenquist.

District 23 encompasses Davis County, where Ericksen lives and works as a trial lawyer at the Greg Ericksen Law Office.

Ericksen has also entered into a partnership with Raleigh Studio and has been trying to get a movie studio built on his parcel of land in Quinn’s Junction for the past three years, despite hesitation by Summit County and Park City officials.

In March, a Senate bill that was sponsored by Republican Sen. Mark Madsen of Utah County proposed the creation of a film enterprise zone, which could have allowed Ericksen to develop the movie studio without local city or county approvals.

Ericksen will be running as a Republican and said in the press release that his core values are "reducing taxes, limited government, individual responsibility and strong family values." He added that he wants to decrease the role of government in people’s lives and give the power back to the citizens.

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Ericksen owns 30 acres at Quinn’s Junction and has asked Summit County to rezone the area to allow him to build a 400,000-square-foot movie studio. He currently has two lawsuits pending against the county regarding his right to build on the Quinn’s Junction parcel.

In a previous interview with The Park Record, Ericksen estimated that between the two lawsuits, the county could possibly have to pay him damages in the millions of dollars.

The lawsuits are temporarily on hold while Ericksen, Summit County and Park City negotiate size guidelines and possible locations for a movie studio. As of Friday morning, County Manager Bob Jasper said talks are "still occurring."

"The two options that seem to be evident right now are that Park City could annex the area Ericksen owns in Quinn’s into the city and then discuss the terms of him building a movie studio there. The other option is that he develops a movie studio in the county, but our preference is that he works with the city," Jasper said.

The County Council has suggested that a studio could be developed on the county’s open space at Kimball Junction as part of a land swap.

Ericksen could not be reached by The Park Record for an interview prior to the time of publication.