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Racquet Club shutdown imminent

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

City Hall has released a schedule for the upcoming shutdown of the Racquet Club in anticipation of a major renovation, with the closure planned in phases over an approximately five-week period in June and July.

According to Ken Fisher, who manages City Hall’s recreation programs, crews will start mobilizing for the construction the week of June 28. The shutdown will start at about the same time as the mobilization begins. The dates outlined in the schedule include:

The recreation offices will relocate to temporary quarters at 1255 Iron Horse Drive, just off Bonanza Drive, June 22-24.

The last day childcare will be offered at the Racquet Club will be June 25.

The final day for gymnasium use and the tennis courts at the Racquet Club will be June 27. The date is also the last day for people to use the weight, cardio and spinning areas at the Racquet Club.

The temporary Iron Horse Drive facility will open on July 1. The recreation offices, the workout equipment from the Racquet Club and the Racquet Club programs will be at the Iron Horse Drive building.

The last day for group fitness programs at the Racquet Club as well as the last day to use the lockers and the aquatics facilities is tentatively scheduled July 29. The tennis offices are scheduled to move into a trailer on the Racquet Club grounds by that day.

The schedule was released a short time after the Park City Council authorized an $8.3 million deal with Okland Construction for the renovation. Park City officials expect another $1.7 million will be spent on other costs related to the renovation, such as architect fees and the rental agreement for the Iron Horse Drive property.

The construction crews will tear down most of the existing Racquet Club and build a new athletic facility to replace the aging one. The gymnasium, which was built in 1990, is the only section of the Racquet Club that was incorporated into the renovation blueprints.

Some of the upgrades in the redone facility will include a walking and jogging track, expanded space for fitness equipment and a bouldering area.

The Park City Council during the recent budget talks gave the go-ahead for the work, siding with Parkites who say the Racquet Club is outdated.


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