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Raleigh Studios: billboards banned, and no water tower, either

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

An agreement between City Hall and a Quinn’s Junction landowner who wants to situate a movie studio on the ground places tight restrictions on the design of the project, including outlining what sorts of signs are allowed at the site and where the tallest buildings could be placed.

The landowner, known as Quinn’s Junction Partnership, and Park City leaders have engaged each other in negotiations that could result in Park City annexing 29 acres off the southwest corner of the S.R. 248-U.S. 40 interchange. Raleigh Studios, an independent film studio, would be the key tenant. An annexation would follow a settlement between the landowner and the County Courthouse calling for Quinn’s Junction Partnership to attempt to bring the acreage into the city limits.

City Hall has said if the project is developed inside Park City, leaders would be in a position to influence the design. Both the city’s Planning Commission and the Park City Council will be involved in the decision whether to annex the land. If it is not annexed, the landowner would pursue an approval through the County Courthouse process.

Some of the restrictions that will impact the design, as outlined in a report to the Planning Commission in anticipation of a Wednesday meeting, include:

  • that signs on the premises will be regulated through City Hall’s existing rules. A water tower and highway billboard signs are prohibited.
  • that the stage within an amphitheater that would be built as part of the project must be situated so that it does not face nearby open space. Park City likely wants the provision included as a way to protect the solitude of the open lands.
  • that a building cannot be taller than 28 feet unless it sits more than 150 feet from the center line of a public road.
  • that smaller buildings must be put in places that break up the look of the taller buildings.
  • that the developer must make the parking on the grounds look nicer than a typical lot. The restrictions do not detail how that must be accomplished.
  • that the movie studio is allowed to install security controls along the perimeter and at the entry.

    The Planning Commission on Wednesday is scheduled to begin its discussions about the project. The panel will eventually be asked to recommend whether the land should be brought into the city limits. The City Council is not bound by the recommendation. The Planning Commission meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council chambers at the Marsac Building. A hearing is not scheduled at the Wednesday meeting.

    The settlement between the landowner and the County Courthouse calls for Quinn’s Junction Partnership to request 374,000 gross square feet of development through an annexation into Park City. The project would include a 100-room hotel, an entertainment center and a digital-media center. Raleigh Studios would be the key tenant.

    Park City has for years desired to tightly restrict what sort of development occurs along the S.R. 248 entryway between Prospector and Quinn’s Junction. City Hall itself acquired land along the entryway for conservation purposes as well as building recreation facilities like the Park City Ice Arena and the adjacent fields complex.

    Meanwhile, City Hall entered into a multimillion-dollar partnership with the Park City Heights developer in order to put the local government in a position to help guide the design of the project, both through the site plan and the mix of housing types.

    Leaders long ago vowed that the S.R 248 entryway would not be developed in a similar fashion as the S.R. 224 corridor between Kimball Junction and the Park City limits.