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Rangers kick off holidays

Gina Barker, The Park Record

The PC Teen Foundation and the Party Rangers, a local group of parents and high school students, are scheduled to host their December event this Saturday, Dec. 1, the third annual Holiday Skate Night at the Park City Ice Arena. The event is organized and promoted by students and facilitated by parents supporting the PC Teen Foundation, both groups working together to bring fun, inexpensive activities to teen in the area.

Donning their best red and green ensembles, students in the Party Rangers will be at the skate night to support the Park City High School Key Club, which is raising money to provide tetanus shots to mothers and infants in developing countries.

"This year, the Key Club is working hard on the Eliminate Project," said Nancy Michalko, the PCHS Scholarship and Key Club Adviser. "Babies are getting this disease and dying, but we don’t have to have that problem if we just vaccinate the mothers and babies. It only takes a couple of dollars to vaccinate, and it saves lives."

"I love the Party Rangers and what they do, because it is a fun night out that kids will go to, but it also helps other student projects. And this month, we are the lucky recipients."

The Party Rangers use monthly events to support other projects in the high school such as the Key Club, donating funds raised at their events. Whether it is for the National Ability Center or the Key Club, the organization has raised thousands while also giving students a fun, safe environment to hang out with classmates.

"We came up with the idea for an organization four years ago," said Karen Marriott, who runs the PC Teen Foundation. "(Our kids) were out of town in California and they were having a blast, doing all these cheap, inexpensive things, hanging out on beaches or going to community dances. There were all these things going on that were inexpensive where large groups of kids could hang out."

"And there was nothing like that in Park City."

The PC Teen Foundation supports the Party Rangers, which was created in conjunction with the foundation, by underwriting the cost of events and helping students organize and plan future projects. The Party Rangers is made up of a committee of 20 students from PCHS, and the students decide where and what type of events will be on the docket.

"Kids are learning leadership skills, creating their own event," Marriott said, "and once they plan the event, they will attend. It’s a great opportunity to bring all your friends together in a safe and fun environment."

The Holiday Skate Night will feature live Christmas music, performed by the band "Stoked on Coconuts," a group of high school students and a surprise visit from Santa Claus. The Key Club will be selling doughnuts to raise additional funds for the Eliminate Project and the PC Teen Foundation will serve free hot chocolate. The skate night will also feature a black-out skate, where the Party Rangers will distribute free glow-in-the-dark necklaces.

"It really is a fun, wholesome night that gets everyone in a festive mood," Marriott said. "And it is supporting something kids are actively involved in. I think it is a good start to the holiday season."

The event is scheduled for this Saturday, Dec. 1 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. at the Park City Ice Arena. Tickets cost $7, or $5 if teens text ‘Rangers’ to 25827.