Ready to hire? let Workforce Services help |

Ready to hire? let Workforce Services help


The Park City office for the Utah Department of Workforce Services wants to help people find work.

Joe Knudson, connection team supervisor, said the department has new programs that can aid Summit County residents. Plus, the office will move from the second floor of the Bel Air Building on Sidewinder Drive to the first floor this December and be able to offer more resources.

The new address will be 1960 Sidewinder Drive Suite 103. It is open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Since Nov. 15, the department has been offering employers a $2,000 incentive to hire people collecting unemployment insurance or who have exhausted their unemployment benefits. The program is called, "Step Up."

The jobs must be full-time and not seasonal. This program will only help up to 80 people in Summit, Wasatch and Utah counties, so employers are encouraged to act fast, Knudson said.

There are also several "slots" available for a similar program titled, "Back to Work." It also offers employers $2,000, but the candidate must be age 18 to 24 or someone collecting unemployment insurance while supporting a minor or dependent children. Employers must guarantee 35 hours a week and pay at least $9 per hour.

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"Back to Work" is targeted at helping young people have a shot at certain jobs they may not be perfectly qualified for.

"It’s a great way for employers to give people chances," he said. "It gives young people the opportunity to get experience put their foot in the door."

One way the money could conceivably be used is to offset the cost of training a new employee, he said. Ideally, that would make an employer more willing to give a candidate a chance they might not otherwise.

Employers collect the money by submitting an invoice to the department after the hire is made. The first payment is for $500. The remainder can be collected after three months, he said.

An ongoing program titled, "On The Job Training" pays half a new hire’s wage up to $4,000 if certain requirements are met. The Workforce Investment Act also makes money available for a Utah resident to be retrained.

This is especially useful for former construction workers, Knudson said. They want to work, but aren’t needed in their chosen field. This money can help them get education or training to enter a new field.

If a Summit County resident does not qualify for any of these programs, the department still has many services available to people seeking work at the Park City office, he said. Staff can critique resume writing, teach networking and interviewing skills and even perform mock interviews.

The office has a small computer lab for people without computers. The new location will have an even larger one, he added.

Every Thursday the department offers "Job Club" on Sidewinder Dr. It is an opportunity to further perfect job hunting skills while participating in on-site networking.

Peter Hebert attended job club twice and said it was really useful to hear what other people were experiencing. sharing their own background and successes and failures in the application and interviewing process, it gives everyone a chance to reconsider their own strategy, he said.

He said it’s also a chance to see what the Department of Workforce Services can do to help your search.

"They ask you where you’re experiencing difficulties and try to help you get assistance," he added.

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