Recreation programs prepare skiers for winter season |

Recreation programs prepare skiers for winter season

Jen Watkins, Of the Record staff

Park City Recreation and Basin Recreation are gearing up for the winter months with activities for those who want to prepare for ski season, and those who want to stay out of the cold.

Karen Yocum, recreation supervisor at Park City Recreation, said they have amped up the group fitness programs designed to get people into shape before they hit the mountain.

"I think people tend to jump out there and get on their skis right off the bat, and that first day knocks them for a loop," she said. "It’s great to be in shape so they can go out there and enjoy skiing or snowboarding without being sore or fatigued."

Yocum said it is easy to forget the importance of being in shape before skiing because some people think they’ll just be going downhill.

"You’re actually working very hard," she said. "You’re in that tuck, in that crouch, and really engaging your quads. It may be a motion that you haven’t done since last ski season."

The programs being offered to prepare for ski season include plyometrics, circuit training, boot camp, pilates and yoga. Yocum said Park City Recreation is also offering a new katami. The center will also continue to offer its early Thanksgiving classes for those who want to work out before indulging in a big meal.

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Park City Recreation also offers many league programs for those who want to participate in team sports. She said that although the basketball league has already started, individuals can still ask to be placed on a team. A volleyball league will begin in January and an indoor soccer league will begin in February.

Basin Recreation also has many ongoing drop-in leagues. Fieldhouse manager Matt Strader said there is an opportunity for adults to participate in two coed soccer programs and one lacrosse program.

Program manager Brian Hanton said the drop-in programs offer adults the chance to get out of the cold but continue to stay active. He said there are many seasonal visitors from other countries that participate in the programs, allowing locals to make new friends, and learn about other cultures.

"It’s amazing the different nationalities that come to the drop-ins," he said. "But the skill level varies from beginners to the more advanced."

He said adult flag football and soccer leagues will begin in January.

There are also several youth programs in the upcoming months, Strader said. Basin Recreation is offering a soccer camp from Dec. 29-31 and will also be hosting a fundraiser for the Park City High School baseball team during the holiday break. Little Foot soccer for preschoolers to second graders will begin in January.

Hanton said another big program children can sign up for is Junior Jazz which runs from January to March. The basketball program is fro third to eighth graders and traditionally has 250 children. He said none of the games are played on Saturdays so the youth can still ski.

Every child who signs up for Junior Jazz will receive a blue and white jersey, a ticket to see the Jazz play the Clippers on March 6, and an autographed picture and chance to meet a Utah Jazz player. There is typically one practice and one game each week.

"It’s just a fun opportunity for the kids to get out and play," he said. "There’s all skill levels involved in this. Some kids have never played before."

Hanton said the volunteer coaches hope to instill the fundamentals of basketball: dribbling, passing and shooting.

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