Recreation your game? There’s a board position for you |

Recreation your game? There’s a board position for you

Jay Hamburger The Park Record

City Hall is seeking people who want to serve on the Recreation Advisory Board, a group that assists as decisions are made about athletic facilities, parks and other places where Parkites play.

The terms of two members of the seven-person panel are expiring. One of the incumbents cannot reapply based on term limits. The other person already on the Recreation Advisory Board is eligible for reappointment.

The deadline for people to submit applications is June 21. One person had filed the paperwork by midday Monday. The Recreation Department did not provide details about the person, including whether the application had been submitted by an incumbent member.

Ken Fisher, who manages City Hall’s recreation programs and works closely with the Recreation Advisory Board, said the panel has been involved in discussions about construction projects more than it has been in policy debates.

"They’re a great link between the community and the department," Fisher said.

Some of the projects that Fisher anticipates the Recreation Advisory Board will address include:

  • the expansion and replacement of the City Park tennis courts. The two courts there now will be replaced with three new ones. The work could be undertaken as early as the fall.
  • the building of a memorial wall at the Park City Cemetery on Kearns Boulevard. The wall will allow people to remember loved ones with plaques.
  • the replacement of seven outdoor tennis courts at the Park City Municipal Athletic & Recreation Center, which could be scheduled for the fall. The tennis courts were not redone as part of the recent renovation of the facility.

    Fisher said he anticipates the Recreation Advisory Board will also be involved in upcoming discussions about leash laws and other canine issues. He said the group would be involved if City Hall considers upgrading the dog park at Quinn’s Junction.

    Members of the Recreation Advisory Board must live within the Park City limits. The board meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. Terms are three years. Members are given free use of the Municipal Athletic & Recreation Center.

    The Park City Council is expected to interview the people who submit applications in late June. Appointments are anticipated in July.

    Application questions include which issues someone sees as important to the Recreation Advisory Board and how someone perceives the mission of the panel.

    More information and applications are available on City Hall’s website, . Select the ‘More’ link under the ‘News’ section on the front page of the site. Then select ‘Recreation Advisory Board Openings."

    Contact Heather Todd in the Recreation Department at 615-5410 or for additional information.

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