RecruiterGuy publishes book about job searching |

RecruiterGuy publishes book about job searching

Bill Humbert, a job recruiter known for his online blog, said too many people make mistakes when searching for a job.

"They go to online job boards the monster.coms, the Career Builders, and the Craigslists and other corporate boards and they ‘post and pray’," Humbert said during an interview with The Park Record. "Too few jobs are filled that way, because most companies are receiving 800 to 1,000 resumes a day."

Recruiters are expected to quickly reduce the resume number down to 35, he said. Then they’ll phone screen 16 of those and come up with 8 candidates for a single job.

"How can you expect to be chosen out of all those people?" he asked.

The answer is networking, he said. If candidates network, there is a good chance their resume will be among the 16 who are phone screened.

"You have to still follow the companies’ process," said Humbert, who lives in Park City. "But networking is how you get in. Because you can say to the person you’re networking with that your resume is in. And they will likely look for it."

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This example and others for successful job hunting can be found in Humbert’s new book "RecruiterGuy’s Guide to Finding a Job," which was published by Corridor Media Group last week. The book is available at Dolly’s Book Store, 510 Main Street, and

"This book is a reflection of my passion of helping people finding new jobs," he said. "I wrote it in a conversational tone so it’s like RecruiterGuy is sitting on the readers’ shoulder and guiding them through the process."

Humbert, one of the organizers of the Park City Career Network, has been helping people find jobs through his workshops since 1981. He is a nationally known recruiting consultant who presents his workshop "Secrets of a Successful Job Search" at career fairs throughout the county.

Earlier this year, he presented his first Webinar, "The Best Qualified Candidate Rarely Gets Hired," in conjunction with SmartSearch in 2010.

In 2009, Humbert began writing a job-finding blog on his website .

"We were having some success with (the career network workshops), but I was seeing so many people who needed help, not only in Park City, not only in Utah, but all over the United States," he said. "And in a way I was frustrated. I asked, ‘How do I duplicate my efforts so that many people can take advantage of my knowledge?"

So, he decided to write a book.

"With my blogs already in place, I figured I could write the book in a week," he said.

It took him five months

"After writing the introduction, I thought, ‘This is going to take longer than a week’," he said with a laugh. "Blogs weren’t going to make the book. And I found while the blogs are a good outline, there was so much more information I needed to add to make them into chapters."

April, Humbert had written a couple of chapters and decided to shop the book to publishers.

A new company, Corridor Media Group, liked what they saw and made him a deal.

"I found later that Corridor was shopping another book out to distributors and the distributors asked if they have other authors. They told them about my book and they wanted it," Humbert said. "Timing is everything."

"RecruiterGuy’s Guide to Finding a Job" gives readers an insider’s look at the professional business world’s recruiting habits.

"What a lot of people don’t understand is recruiting is a sales process both on a corporate side and candidate side," Humbert said. "Most first jobs are with fast-food restaurants or the supermarket. And, basically, a person walked in, filled out an application and had a one-minute interview and was hired.

"After people graduate from college, they tend to remember that initial successful experience of finding a job, but all of a sudden they’re in a professional setting and all the rules have changed."

Humbert’s book advises how candidates can sell their attributes to succeed within the new situation.

"It’s so important for kids coming out of college to have some sort of guidance," he said. "They are graduating with $20,000, $40,000 and $125,000 loan debts. If they don’t pay, they default."

Throughout his life, Humbert has held a number of jobs. He sold insurance. He worked in construction as an assistant project manager, a general contractor and field superintendent. He also sold fertilizer.

"Within 10 years I had five jobs in different careers," he said. "But there isn’t anywhere else I can make the impacts in both companies and in people’s lives that I can as a recruiter. And since I can’t be in more places, I decided to write the book."