Recycle Tip: Recycle more rooms than in the kitchen |

Recycle Tip: Recycle more rooms than in the kitchen


Most people place their recycling bins in the kitchen. While convenient, people forget that recyclables are generated throughout the home. Here are some ideas on how you can recycle beyond the kitchen.

Place a recycling container in your bathroom for cardboard from toothpaste boxes, medications and toilet paper rolls.

In the office, blue bins for paper next to your computer or desk make for easy recycling of mail, office and school paper. If you shred paper, shred your documents into a brown paper bag for easy recycling. Remember that reuse is better than recycling, so cut some of that white office paper into quarters for scratch paper and art projects.

Play Areas & Bedrooms. Teach your children to recycle in the places where they like to spend time. If you need to sort at home, purchase small bins, or sectioned bins so kids learn to sort.

To purchase a nice assortment of bins, go to or drop by Recycle Utah at 1951 Woodbine Way for blue recycling bins.