Recycling goes to the celluloid in Spanish |

Recycling goes to the celluloid in Spanish

The amount of waste generated per person in Park City is three times the national average, according to Recycle Utah. Not surprisingly, the cause of that problem, they say is the very sustenance of Park City’s economy; the tourist industry.

The stream of visitors that pours through the town leaves a trail of trash that they generate purely by living and engaging in regular activities. Recycle Utah has attempted to take the lead in combating this production of waste and this past week they finished a novel way of spreading the gospel on recycling. They produced a Spanish-language instructional video designed to help Spanish speakers in the hospitality industry understand the basics of recycling. The video took about nine months to complete and was financed by grants from the Rotary Club and Underdog Foundation.

Narrated by Silvia Leavitt in fluid and easy-to-understand Spanish, the video explains the simple problems associated with Park City’s production of trash. Director, Greta Andreini, pays a visit to Shabu Restaurant where a worker goes over their recycling program and the materials that can be reused. They also stop by the local landfill where Leavitt comments on the amount of trash that each person in Park City generates. The landfill provides a visual comment on the damage that this rampant production of basura, or trash, can cause.

The video, speaking a little more directly to hospitality staff, also goes over hazardous material procedures. Guests who stay in the many lodges and hotels throughout Park City can easily leave prescription drugs or cleaning materials behind when they depart. The video stresses the danger of inappropriately disposing of these materials.

Beatlebrox said that Americans now expect hotels to offer recycling programs. While some lodging units in Park City have featured central recycling bins for a while, others are now transitioning to in-room programs and will need maintenance staff to be versed on the recycling basics. "The greener the business, the more popular," said Andreini.

More generally, the video also addresses the utility of reusing materials by visiting a second-hand good stores and Recycle Utah’s own store. Father Bob Bussen of St. Mary’s Church in Park City, talks to the dangers of the environment that wasteful lifestyles can cause. Lola Beatlebrox, outreach director for Recycle Utah, said that we can’t assume that everyone is familiar with the very basics of recycling and what it can do for the environment.

This video marks the second time that Andreini has stepped into the director’s chair for Recycle Utah. Her earlier video, an English-language presentation, was made with Park City High School media teacher C.S. Maddox and students in 2006. This video, "really aimed at a younger audience," according to Beatlebrox, is shown mostly to third and fourth-graders who are always impressed with high school-aged students.

Similar to the Spanish video, the English production introduces the basics of the problem and the simple things that any student can do to boost recycling and reuse.

The videos are part of Recycle Utah’s overall education campaign. Beatlebrox has helped design lesson plans and flash cards for both students and adults. Some of the adults, she said, really get excited and have fun with some simple identification games meant to teach them what materials can be recycled.

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