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REEL School: A real cool school

Submitted by Larry Feldman

What if you could earn a high school diploma and a Bachelor of Arts degree at the same time? What if you could graduate with professional experience and go straight into your field of interest? What if you could already be running your own business in the arts or film? And what if you could pay for your tuition by making films?

If any of these questions tickle your fancy, then REEL School might well be the course for the horse, in this case.

Spearheaded by Artistic Director Pam Arts, REEL School is intended for individuals who are interested in a career in films, yet not interested or built to study in the more-common structured way of a traditional high school or college. The school is designed to focus on a wide variety of professions within the film industry, including directing, producing and cinematography as well as the many job categories that spawn off of those broader-based professions such as editing, casting, art design, screenwriting, music scoring, wardrobe and others.

"There are thousands of individuals, myself included, that are simply not programmed to sit in a classroom with four walls around it," said Arts, who previously ran a similar program in Orem. "These students tend to be more right-brained and look at the world with a completely different perspective. Not right or wrong, just different. Plus, a degree in the arts does not mean you can produce a product. You must be able to walk the talk; REEL School offers the opportunity to learn hands-on and from filmmakers who are doing it."

The programs that make up REEL School consist of the following:

  • REEL 1 Total Immersion Filmmaking Certificate Program

    The Immersion Filmmaking Program provides 48 weeks and more than 1,100 hours of comprehensive training and hands-on experience in filmmaking. Graduating students will be ready to enter the professional world of filmmaking.

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  • REEL 2 Total Immersion Diploma Program

    The two-year program is also an intense experience in film education that includes a Bachelor of Arts in Film. There is a wide range of academic and arts programs to choose from beyond the filmmaking program.

  • REEL 3 High School Immersion Film Program

    There is little difference in the high school and college/conservatory programs with the exception that high school students may also earn a high school diploma along with a B.A. They also have a wide range of academic and arts programs to choose from beyond the filmmaking program, including ACT Prep, if desired.

    "Not only does REEL School provide the learning tools to take a student directly in the world of filmmaking, it offers them the opportunity to work among a mentorship of professional filmmakers in professional facilities," said Arts. "Plus, the student gets to retain the rights to their films and earn residuals on qualified films. It’s also the least expensive Total Immersion program in the nation."

    REEL School is a new division of Emerson-Smith College and ARTS High combined. The school works in conjunction with Prospector ARTS and Dark Sun Studios, one of Utah’s premiere motion picture production outfits that specializes in everything from music videos and motion pictures to television commercials and live events.

    For more information about REEL School, contact Pam Arts at or call Prospector Square Lodge at (435) 658-3030.