Reis takes on marketing world |

Reis takes on marketing world

Dan Bischoff, Of the Record staff

After 18 years at Deer Valley, Ginger Ries decided it was time wean herself from the big corporation and try her marketing skill on the world.

"It was a really hard decision because Deer Valley is an amazing company," Ries said.

As her two children aged, Hunter a six-year-old boy and Chandler, a 9-year-old girl, Ries felt she needed to spend more time with her family, which was the main catalyst for starting her own business.

"The demand of that job for a great resort is time intensive and I found myself spending more time in the office than I wanted to," Ries said. "I had to find some new challenges; I wanted to explore some other options as well."

In February, she started Altitude Events and Marketing, hoping that her experience with Deer Valley would draw clients.

"Certainly having been with Deer Valley and part of all the success that the resort continues to see, that certainly speaks for my credibility and how strong my skill set is," Ries said.

During her tenure at Deer Valley, she helped with the Olympics and the growth of the Summer Concert Series.

"Obviously going out and selling yourself can sometimes be a challenge, but I feel very confident in what I can do. I had such a strong background and felt my skill set would be great to go out on my own."

So far, others have taken notice. She is currently the director of marketing for the Utah Winter Games.

"I helped them market the end of the year last season, now we are ready to hit the ground running with 07-08 season, getting sponsorships and all of that," Ries said.

Other clients include the Utah Athletic Foundation with the Olympic Park and Oval, she said.

"That’s been really fun to stay within the community and stay in the sport realm of things," Ries said. "I hope through this summer, with all the events happening, that I can continue to capitalize on that. With my skill set and all the things coming on in the community, it’s a good fit."

Ries said she built a network of strong relationships in the community that should help propel her through the infant period of her business.

"Because I’ve been with the resort for so long, I’ve developed strong relationships with the community and started reaching out to those folks. Everybody has been encouraging and some have turned into clients," Ries said.

Through her previous marketing experience of promoting events at Deer Valley, she now has to get used to marketing herself as well as her clients.

"It is ironic that I’m a marketer trying to market myself, it’s been fun," Ries said. "Deer Valley is so successful and it was easy to market. It’s such a strong brand and such a strong company."

The potential risk of leaving the company involved a loss of consistent salary.

"Taking that leap of faith, absolutely that’s hard. You are walking away from a great company and all the security that a wonderful company provides for you," Ries said.

She weighed the security between what she wanted for her children and believed enough in herself to make the jump.

"I believed deep down in what I was doing and that I could be successful at it," Ries said. "There were a lot of sleepless nights leading up to it."

Her strengths, Ries said, are on the events side but said she is capable of most marketing techniques.

"I think that I’m very versed in all aspects of event productions," Ries said. "If you look at all the events I’ve done: concerts, mountain biking events and the Freestyle World Cup, all aspects will be covered."

At the Utah Olympic Park she did an overall review of marketing and recommended what they should add or change and implemented new ideas.

She said she can provide a similar service to other companies at any stage of the marketing cyce, even if it’s just one component.

"I would love to be involved from A to Z, but I can also be involved from A to D, whatever their needs are," Ries said.

Ries said her business has grown quickly in the short months of operation and that she’s excited to be on her own and helping to promote even more events and businesses in Park City.

"I’m very pleased at how things are going and I’m excited about the clients I have," Ries said. "I’d love a few more. For only being in business since February, I’m excited for what’s to come."

At the same time though, she doesn’t intend on letting her business grow too large to the point that she may have to work similar hours that she did at Deer Valley. That would offset the reasons she started Altitude Events and Marketing.

"The reason I did this is for my children," Ries said. "I will stay on track with that and stay focused on why I did this in the first place."

For more information on Altitude Events and Marketing, call 640-1168 or e-mail

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