Relief in sight for motorists in ParkWest |

Relief in sight for motorists in ParkWest

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

Motorists in ParkWest could soon experience fewer adrenalin rushes.

Pulling in and out of the Snyderville Basin neighborhood require drivers endure a nearly blind corner, Summit County Engineer Derrick Radke said.

"There is a terrible access in and out of ParkWest Village," he said. "You can’t see oncoming traffic."

Realigning Canyons Resort Drive with a new entrance into ParkWest Village will make the intersection safer, he added.

Instead of the t-intersection where Canyons Resort Drive currently meets S.R. 224, west of a nearby 7-11 store, the new road will bend to the south and eventually connect to an intersection with a stoplight.

"The existing Canyons Resort Drive goes away," Radke said, adding that motorists will begin accessing ParkWest Village north of the community’s current entrance. "It’s to provide a signalized entry into ParkWest Village."

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He expects Hughes General Contractors to complete the roughly $680,000-project in September. Taxpayers in Summit County will pay the balance for the construction after the Utah Department of Transportation pays $125,000 for the traffic light, Radke said.

"We’ve been able to save quite a bit of money so we’re going to add [a sidewalk] to the project," he said. "There is a lot of pedestrian traffic from 224, up to the 7-11 and beyond."

Officials at The Canyons reportedly took a "neutral" position on the realignment of the road.

"They didn’t want to hold it up," Radke said. "They saw the community benefit."

But a delay in obtaining rights-of-way has postponed completion of the project, he added.

Meanwhile, within a few weeks UDOT officials expect to complete a stoplight at the intersection of Cutter Lane and S.R. 224, but concrete barriers won’t be installed in the median along S.R. 224 until 2007, Radke said.