Reserve a camping spot, or else |

Reserve a camping spot, or else

Dan Bischoff, Of the Record staff

As July turns into August this week, summer camping days are beginning to diminish.

According to a reservationist for the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation, most of the weekend spots at popular areas are already booked for the summer.

"They shouldn’t call to reserve a spot the week before," she said. If they do, they usually won’t get their sites."

Jordanelle State Park is the most popular, she said. Ideally, she recommends, at this point, to schedule two months ahead.

"Most of the weekends are filled," she said. "You can try it scheduling it before, but you’ll have a limited number – a lot of the ones that aren’t as good are left."

Out of 130 campsites at Jordanelle, only 10 sites area still available on the weekends through the middle of August.

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But weekdays are a different story.

"Weekdays, you can find any site you want," she said.

The reservationist said, although Jordanelle is the most popular, Rockport, East Canyon and Deer Creek are similar.

"All the ones near Salt Lake are popular," she said.

Outside of the area, Bear Lake sees similar numbers of campers. The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation will take reservations through Nov. 14, with a minimum of two days before.

At most state parks, there are also some first-come first-serve sites. Most of the day-use sites and pavilions are allocated this way. The rates for entering the parks range from $2 to nearly $20 depending on day-use, walk-ins and camping. But, to take advantage of the parks, schedule early.

"As soon as you know when you’re going, I would call to make a reservation," she said. "We do fill up every weekend for camping."

To reserve a camping spot at a state park, call the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation reservation office by calling (800) 322-3770. For the hearing impaired, call (801) 538-7239. For more information on state parks, log on to

*Jordanelle State Park (435) 649-9540

*Deer Creek State Park, (435) 654-0171

* Rockport State Park, (435) 336-2241

* East Canyon State Park, (801) 829-6866

*Echo Reservoir, 435-336-9894