Reservoir research: Round Valley test pits dug, then filled in |

Reservoir research: Round Valley test pits dug, then filled in

by Jay Hamburger The Park Record

Two days of excavating in Round Valley ended at approximately 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday as Park City leaders continue researching whether the acreage is a suitable location to build a reservoir.

Officials say the heavy machinery excavated five test pits on Tuesday and another two on Wednesday. Each of the test pits were filled in with earth afterward and seeded with a mixture of plant seeds formulated for Round Valley.

At least one City Hall staffer monitored the operation at all times.

Results are expected by late July. Staffers anticipate the results will indicate whether a reservoir could be built in Round Valley. The results will include a detailed look at the underground geology and the availability of materials on the site that could be used in the construction of a dam alongside the reservoir.

City Hall and the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, a water provider, are partnering on the efforts. Park City is interested in building a reservoir in an effort to expand storage capacity. If additional water could be stored in a reservoir, officials say, Park City would be better prepared for times of dryness.


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