Resignations announced at Weilenmann School of Discovery |

Resignations announced at Weilenmann School of Discovery

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Weilenmann School of Discovery Principal Mary Kimball and Executive Director Cynthia Phillips have announced their intentions to resign from the state charter school. So far, the two have declined to publicly explain the sudden decision to leave.

The announcement first reached parents with children attending the Weilenmann School of Discovery via an email from the school’s Board of Trustees early Monday morning. The email stated that Principal Mary Kimball and Executive Director Cynthia Phillips submitted letters of resignation Sunday.

"Cindy has expressed a willingness to continue as the Middle School Latin teacher through the rest of the school year; and Mary has stated her intention likewise to fulfill her role as Principal until the end of the school year," the email read. "We would like to sincerely thank Cindy and Mary for their dedicated service to our school. They have architected a fantastic academic program, while instilling their vision into the faculty, parents, students, and the entire fabric of the Weilenmann School of Discovery."

Both Kimball and Phillips intend to finish the school year, leaving in June, when Kimball’s contract with the school would expire.

"What is so important is that no matter what happened or what was expressed privately between the board and administration," Kimball said, "is that the children at this school are our first consideration."

"The letter sent out from the board today was based on the decision the executive director and I have made in light of recent events We do not, through the remainder of the year, want anything to be interrupted. We value our community so passionately. These children have been placed in our care, and they are our greatest concern."

Phillips will resign as executive director immediately but continue to teach at the school for the rest of the year. In the meantime, an interim executive director, most likely the business manager will be appointed while the board begins a formal search for a permanent replacement.

Kimball could not speak to the specific reasons why, after more than three years, both she and Phillips intend to step down from their current positions, but Dallis Rohde, the Board Chair, said the announcement came as a surprise.

"From what I’ve gathered in speaking to the other board members, we were not expecting this," Rohdes said. "We certainly would have wanted Mary and Cindy to stay as long as they wanted."

Both started at the school shortly after construction was complete in 2010.

"It is so important that as we move forward, we remain as appropriate and professional as possible," Kimball said. "That is what we have always done, and that is our intention."

The Weilenmann School of Discovery Board of Trustees was scheduled to discuss the resignations Tuesday night after this article went to press. The board plans to hold a public meeting for parents later this month, Nov. 28 starting at 5 p.m. where the board will respond to questions.

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