Rockport reaches capacity |

Rockport reaches capacity

An increase in water being released from the dam may cause downstream flooding

Rockport Reservoir reached capacity Thursday night causing the maximum amount of water to be released from the dam and additional water to be diverted into the Provo River. The flooding along the Weber River between the Wanship and Echo Dams was expected but as of Friday morning no property damage or extensive flooding had been reported.

"We may still see downstream flooding as the flow being released from the dam continues over the next three to four days," said Tage Flint with the Weber Water Conservatory District. "We are making sure everyone is aware of the extra water and everyone is coordinating their efforts."

Rockport State Park Ranger Joe Donnell said that only the Cottonwood Campground south of the dam had experienced flooding as of Friday, causing numerous campsites in the campground to be closed.

"We are relocating people whose campsites have been affected by flooding, but so far that is the only campsite that has been affected," said Donnell. "The campground below the dam is still open and we don’t expect to see flooding there."

"The water is moving at a really high velocity right now and we want to make sure everyone is really careful over the holiday weekend," said Flint. "People aren’t used to the water being so cold still in July but it was just snow a few days ago and it’s really dangerous."

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Minor flooding continued along the upper Weber including near Peoa and the Weber Canyon Road extension.