Rodeo tickets still available |

Rodeo tickets still available

Sarah Moffitt Of The Record Staff

Tickets are still available for the Oakley Rodeo, a four-day Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association sanctioned event.

According to Oakley City Recorder Konni Thompson, Saturday night’s rodeo is completely sold out, but tickets for Thursday, Friday and Monday are still available.

"The biggest change this year we made was Thursday night family night and reduced tickets to $10 for that night instead of the normal $15," said Rodeo Committee member Andy Woolstenhulme. "Saturday nights tickets sold out a while ago, but if people didn’t buy their tickets three months ago, there are still good ones available for other nights."

Another major change this year was putting ticket sales online. "We sell lots of tickets early in the season," said Woolstenhulme. "But recently a lot more people have been logging on and ordering tickets online, so it will be interesting to see where we finish at the end of this week."

Parking for the rodeo used to cause major congestion. But with the city’s new arena off of State Road 32, complete with a huge parking lot, Thompson doesn’t expect to see any parking problems this year.

Along with the rodeo will be a breakfast on Saturday and a parade and 5k race on Monday. Residents should expect detours on Monday morning during the parade with S.R. 32 closed from the rodeo arena to the town hall from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Alcohol is still not permitted at the rodeo to maintain the family atmosphere according to Woolstenhulme, and people are reminded to bring their coats.

"It gets really cold out there at night and people always forget that," Woolstenhulme said.

Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling Oakley City Hall: (435) 783-5753.

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