Ron Huggins – District 2 |

Ron Huggins – District 2


I have been a Park City School District resident for over 16 years and have two children at PCHS. I also have over 30 years of budgeting experiences while leading large business organizations.

My current experience as a substitute teacher for the district has helped me gain valuable insight on the inner workings of the schools that will aid me in being an effective board member. I also know that integrity and personal commitment are needed to help restore pride and confidence in our schools and teachers.

My top priority is to renew the "Vision" of excellence we all want for the Park City School District. I believe this has been lost due to the current budget deficit and the tough changes imposed by the Board and the District administration. Unfortunately, the community has become polarized over how the board should manage the schools while the trust and confidence of the District’s employees has been severely damaged. It will take effective leadership and sound financial management to "right the ship" and I am one candidate who has the necessary skills for the job.

I would start by endorsing a policy of transparency where all financial statements, policies and issues of the day are made available to everyone on a district dashboard. I want to improve communications by treating all teachers and District employees with trust and respect; making sure to closely listen to their input on the current and future needs of our schools. I will partner with schools, parents and other important stakeholders while seeking their requirements.

Finally, I advocate for leveraging PCEF and the business community to promote increased fund raising and building an endowment program so we can pay for the programs that will differentiate Park City from the rest of the pack.


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