Roxy ramp camp ready to drop |

Roxy ramp camp ready to drop

Adia Waldburger, of the Record staff

The posters have been popping up all over town.

Roxy Bikini Pop Drop.

Cute, catchy and very curious.

According to Sue Larson, a Roxy talent scout in the West, it’s all very simple. It’s advertising Axis Freeride’s newest summer water ramp offering to girls at the Utah Olympic Park.

"First you pop off the jump, then you drop," she says. "Roxy events always have fun names that are catchy."

And the bikini part comes in because all campers receive a Roxy brand bikini at the end of camp.

And it’s that traditional Roxy brand fun-focused girl power feel that is driving this day camp which will take place June 27-29.

According to Axis director Chris "Hatch" Haslock, the concept is nothing new. Alana Chase, who is in town to lead the camp with Axis coach Caroline Gleich, has been running the all-female Sweet Air water ramp camps in Aspen for a while now.

Roxy came on board because the female-focused brand wanted to support an all-girl endeavor, but also were looking to bridge their ski and snowboard interests.

"We thought it would be great to bring them together," Larson said.

In the winter, they run the Roxy Mountain Project, marketing their ski and snowboard products and look to add women to their roster of sponsored athletes. So, an event like the water ramp camp was the perfect summer addition.

"It wasn’t hard to get the Roxy brand involved," Chase said.

The three-day camp, which will feature an all-female coaching staff as well, will follow a simple schedule each day. The campers will start by stretching, and then move to the trampoline to learn skills and practice tricks that will transfer to the water ramp. Lunch and the end of the day will be devoted to watching video from the day’s accomplishments. Chase says that safety and a slow to moderate progression will be emphasized the entire time.

"I’ve found, in my experience, that girls get intimidated by older kids," Chase said.

And so she’s designed a comfortably-paced program that should benefit females of all ages and abilities.

The camp is open to anyone ages 7 and up. And they aren’t kidding about the "up." A 36-year-old has already signed up and a few other thirty-somethings are expected to show up. Haslock is hoping that all women of beginner to intermediate ability levels will sign up. He says that intermediate riders and any level of skiers are encouraged to attend. Also those with intermediate gymnastics and diving backgrounds are encouraged to attend. Those who excel in sports where "there are things moving under your feet," Haslock says, would probably also do well in the camp.

"Ultimately what we are trying to do is expose as many girls to the sport as we can," Haslock said.

A number of top local riders and skiers will be on hand to help with the camp and inspire the females.

He is hoping that by running an-all female camp he attracts those that may be intimidated by their brothers or frustrated by pressure that they might feel in co-ed camps.

"Sometime all it takes is watching another girl and thinking, ‘Oh, I can do that,’" Larson added.

Haslock is no stranger to the all-girl situation. As a gymnast in high school he was surrounded by girls. He grew up in family of women and now has two daughters. He also says some of his best performers in the Axis program are female, so he is trying to foster as much female success as possible.

"I’ve always been a big advocate of women’s sports," Haslock said.

He also emphasizes that this camp is about "fun." Participants don’t need to have any competition aspirations. They don’t even need to bring any equipment, except a swimsuit.

There will be a "Pop Off" on the last day so the campers can show off their skills and compete in a jam style face-off against other females in the camp and other any other girl that wants to participate.

As an added enticement, two freestyle women, Vanessa Pierce and Lynsey Dyer, are looking to profile a camper on their Web site, and Dyer will also blog about the event on the Powder Magazine Web site.

The Roxy Bikini Pop Drop will be held at the Utah Olympic Park June 27-29. The three-day camp, sponsored by Roxy and run by Axis Freeride, will allow participants to learn general air sense, refine their current skills and add some new moves to their repertoire. The camp will be held Wednesday from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., Thursday from 9 a.m. 4 a.m. and Friday 9 a.m. 5:30 p.m. The Roxy Bikini Pop Drop Jam Competition will be held from 4 5:30 p.m. The cost is $250, which includes equipment, a Roxy bathing suit and lunches. For more information, contact Haslock at (801) 550-1309 or

info@ or visit .


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