Royal Restrooms glorify the ‘throne’ |

Royal Restrooms glorify the ‘throne’

Dan Bischoff, Of the Record staff

When nature calls, the human body must answer.

That can be intimidating when attending an outdoor event and staring down an armada of shabby port-o-potties.

Some businesses have tried to make it easier for desperate bladders. Johnny on the Spot, It’s My Potty, Doodie Calls, Willy Make It, and Gotta Go Potty are all creative names for port-o-potty companies around the country.

Yet, those companies have largely the same product, a small telephone-both sized stall.

Parkites Kristina and Doug Biglow are offering another option for Salt Lake and Park City.

"I’ve been trying to let people know there is an alternative," Kristina said. "People say, ‘I hate going into port-o-potties.’"

That alternative, she says, is a mobile bathroom fit for a king. A place where royalty can happily sit on porcelain without fear. The Biglows brought the franchise Royal Restrooms here in March.

"Royal Restrooms are basically mobile executive restrooms," Kristina said. "They are a lot nicer than the port-o-potties. People are pleasantly surprised."

Each Royal Restroom unit is much larger than the regular port-o-potty. They are trailers with individual private stalls that include air conditioning, heating, showers, sinks with running water, flushing toilets, soap and hand towels,

"We also include rugs and flowers, and we have restroom mints in there," Kristina said. "We go the extra mile. We are trying to get that clientele that don’t want the regular plastic port-o-potties."

Royal Restrooms, she said, are made for festivals, business conferences and even weddings. There are platinum trailers equipped with a stereo system, hard wood floors and marble counter tops.

"Picture a bride going to the bathroom in a regular port-o-potty," Kristina said. "Or if you are at a corporate event and have a suit and tie on and you have to walk into a port-o-potty. It doesn’t make sense if you have an alternative."

One main difference is the waste holding tank. A regular port-o-potty tank holds 40 gallons, she said.

"That’s something people should thing about," Kristina said. "Ours hold 350 gallons to 450 gallons depending on the trailer. With this you can eliminate a lot of the port-o-potties to one or two trailers."

Royal Restroom set up is easy and takes about 20 minutes, according to Kristina, and they can be run off a generator.

"They are really easy. We handle delivery and set up," Kristina said. "The nice thing about it is for someone who is hosting a party or wedding, it’s hassle free and you come in and we hook up to a regular outlet and the water source is a regular spigot."

Kristina said Royal Restrooms can be for any outdoor event where people may want a more luxurious or comfortable bathroom.

"We also do disaster relief situations where maybe somebody’s pipes burst and they don’t have a bathroom," Kristina said.

Aesthetically, she said, they are also more pleasing. Some people don’t even recognize them as bathrooms until they see the men’s and women’s signs.

Royal Restrooms also offer wheelchair accessible trailers that have different door sizes and railings.

"It’s all compliant with ADA," Kristina said. "A lot of times you don’t see that with port-o-potties."

Kristina said there is a demand for this type of product.

"Statistics show that people would rather leave an event than use a plastic port-o-potty," she said. "That’s a big deal for people that are trying to sell houses or at any festivals. If they lose the interest of people, they are losing money. If we can come in and make people comfortable, their customers will stay.

When Doug or Kristina approach people about their product, people don’t understand the difference until they see it.

"That’s the hard thing," Kristina said. "Until you’ve actually used one, you’ll still be thinking about that smelly port-o-potty. If they can understand it’s like walking into a regular bathroom, and they can take their kids in it without being disgusted."

The people who founded the business in Georgia, created it for that reason.

"It was two guys that basically were sick of using port-o-potties and realized there was a necessity for nicer private stalls and restrooms," Kristina said.

The Biglows were looking for a business to run, saw "port-o-potties all over" and thought "what a great business," Kristina said. "Any waste business is a great business because people have waste."

A friend told them they’ve used Royal Restrooms in the past and told them to look into it.

"The franchise was turn key and that was important to us," Kristina said. "We thought it would be hard to start a business from the gorund up so we did this and we took a leap of faith."

Owning her own business has given Kristina the freedom to stay home with her young daughter.

"Both Doug and I have been in the corporate world and always wanted to start our own business," she continued. "It’s hard because you need money and you need to find something that suits you and that you are able to do. This allows me to work out of my house and take care of my daughter. That’s important these days."

In the past, Kristina said she and Doug owned rental properties so they are used to "getting down and dirty."

"But this is a lot easier than cleaning rental properties," Kristina said.

Owning a luxury port-o-potty company, however, comes with some good-humored teasing from her friends.

"There are tons of jokes that come with the territory," she said.

"It’s the American Dream," Kristina said with a laugh.

For more information on Royal Restrooms, call 801-574-5733 or log on to