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Ryan Combe: manage money better

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

NAME: Ryan Combe

AGE: 30

RESIDENCE: South Ogden

EXPERIENCE: entrepreneur, business consultant, education fundraiser

WEBSITE: combeforcongress.com

Ryan Combe, a Democrat challenging for the party’s nomination in Utah’s 1st Congressional District, wants the nation’s purse strings better managed.

Federal money, he said, should be spent when Washington sees there being returns on the taxpayer investment. He said he does not support cuts to Medicare or education funding, but, perhaps, the defense budget could be considered for reductions. He did not provide specifics.

"I want to get our country going in the right direction as far as how we spend money," Combe said.

Although he wants fiscal issues overseen more closely, Combe said the national debt is not as serious as some argue. He said the debt should be addressed and the federal government needs to be responsible with its borrowing. Drastic steps are not needed to handle the debt, he said.

"It’s a little bit dramatic to say our country is going to stop working in the next year" if the debt is not dealt with quickly, Combe said.

He proposed closing loopholes on the taxes corporations pay as a way to increase federal revenues.

Meanwhile, Combe said the campaign has been encouraging people to register to vote. He said he wants people involved in the political process who have not been before.

"If we’re going to have a true democracy, we need to have as many people involved in it as we can," he said.

Combe said he does not support SkiLink, an idea to build a gondola between Canyons and Solitude Mountain Resort. The gondola depends on the sale of a little more than 30 acres of federal land to Canyons.

He is concerned with the SkiLink legislative process and said the talks about a sale are being expedited. Combe also said he has environmental concerns with the idea and that the process could set a precedent for relationships between Washington and developers.


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