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S.R. 224 survey posted online

Jay Hamburger The Park Record

A nonscientific survey has peen posted on City Hall’s website seeking opinions about the stretch of S.R. 224 between Thaynes Canyon Drive and Bonanza Drive, a section of the road where upgrades are possible.

The 23-question survey covers topics like the appearance of the road, concerns, environmental issues and a number of potential improvements. The survey is being conducted alongside a May open house focused on the same stretch of road. The people at the open house were polled as well.

Some of the more specific topics covered in the online survey include:

  • whether someone supports turning the stretch of Park Avenue and Bonanza Drive into one-way streets in tandem, with the streets headed in different directions.
  • whether someone favors realigning Park Avenue intersections with Homestake Road and Lame Dog Way into one intersection.
  • whether someone supports City Hall spending money to purchase land needed for an expansion of S.R. 224 someday.

    The survey and other information is available at http://www.parkcity.org . Once at the front page, select the ‘S.R. 224 Enhancement Plan’ link in the News section on the right side of the page.

    The poll will be posted on the website until June 8. The results will be submitted to Mayor Dana Williams and the Park City Council by the end of June in anticipation of a discussion about S.R. 224.