Sadie’s Kitchen comes to market |

Sadie’s Kitchen comes to market

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Sadie’s Kitchen will be serving up a slice of nostalgia at the Park Silly Sunday Market this weekend, offering a gluten-free take on classic baked goods. From peanut butter blossoms to whoopee pies to raspberry breakfast bars, owner Mercedes Verina said she feels Sadie’s Kitchen offers a taste of luxury in a way health conscious shoppers can relate with.

Verina, who named the business "Sadie" after a family nickname, suffers from gluten intolerance, a growing health problem across the country.

"I feel like people will like these products here," Verina said. "Park City gravitates toward healthy, the popular trends of the moment.

"It’s about knowing that I’m doing this for myself," she added. "It’s encouraging to know people can start a business on their own."

The Connecticut native moved to Park City six months ago with her boyfriend and planned the start-up business out of her home kitchen. With a full-time job in Salt Lake City and a commute, Verina had to make pockets of time work to create recipes and lay out her business strategy. Despite the limited hours in the day, Verina tested recipes again and again.

In her efforts to create the best gluten-free cake doughnuts (still a work in progress), Verina has already attempted 50 different recipes trying to find the balance between chewy dough and something resembling a paper weight, inching closer to her perfection with each variation.

"I haven’t mastered that fluffy, yeasty glazed donut yet," Verina said. "But I really want to and will at some point."

"I can’t wait to get the donut down, especially because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gluten-free doughnut."

After graduating with an art degree and moving into the corporate world, Verina opted for a change, creating her own business. The self-financed project may be small this year, but the East Coaster plans to build. She has created a logo, a website and a mission.

This year, her selection has a broad range, an intentional strategy for her trial-and-error system to see what will work.

"I have this wide variation of stuff and just need to figure out what will be successful," she said.

Her first farmer’s market appearance was last weekend in the Salt Lake City area, a market in its first year known as Gardener’s Village. Her nerves kept her up and working until 2 a.m. to make sure every aspect was ready to go, down to her homemade, sugar-free lemonade.

While Verina admitted there were a few people that quickly dismissed her gluten-free specialties, one family with a son suffering from gluten-intolerance stopped by to pick up several loaves.

The couple grilled Verina, asking if she’d be back, where they could buy more of her product, whether or not they could freeze the bread.

"I gave them all the information," Verina said. "And they told me they would see me. That’s exciting, my first recurring patrons."

"It seemed like my product was doing well," she added. "I sold nearly all of it."

Sadie’s Kitchen


Park Silly Market Hours:

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