Sandy Hook tragedy reminds us of the true spirit of the holidays |

Sandy Hook tragedy reminds us of the true spirit of the holidays

The Park Record editorial, December 22-25, 2012

It is so bittersweet that it takes a tragedy to remind us of the true spirit of the holiday season of being thankful for what we have and caring for one another.

Through the Park City High School vigil and other private efforts around town, we as a community are doing our best to pay tribute to the children and adults who lost their lives during the Newtown, Conn., shootings. At the same time, the outpouring of good will, donations, and the "26 Acts of Kindness," a social-media movement that the Associated Press describes as "acts of kindness directed towards members of the Newton community," remind us that our global community is also trying to comprehend the tragedy, and help with the healing.

While the Sandy Hook tragedy brought us deep grief and sadness, it also showed us how important it is to be grateful for what we have here in the Wasatch Mountains.

And we have a lot.

Where else can we hit the slopes for some fresh powder or feel one with nature while cross-country skiing or snowshoeing along the intricate trail system in and around town?

Where else can we enjoy world-class performing and visual arts, sporting events, and breathtaking views of the natural wonders in our own backyard?

But those things pale in comparison to our families.

During the holiday season, our thoughts return to our kin more often than any other time of the year. This year, those thoughts have sharpened and given all of us an acute perception of just how delicate our lives can be.

With today’s technology, we can click a mouse or punch a smart-phone keyboard and, in seconds, our family members know how much we love and appreciate them.

why stop there? Why don’t we extend those words of kindness to our neighbors, co-workers and other acquaintances?

Who knows, we may even spark some civil dialog about buckling down to talk seriously about the harsh issues that are swirling around in everyone’s minds since last weeks’ events.

Of course, this won’t happen overnight, but it is important that we maintain a commitment to move forward and to hold onto our newfound resolve to find solutions to questions relating to mental health, guns, and, yes, even media coverage.

There is so much that can be done, but while we strive for those goals, we still need to enjoy, share and appreciate all we have, because our time on this spinning rock is limited.

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