Sarah Brothers’ resolution |

Sarah Brothers’ resolution

Sarah Brothers Treasure Mountain and Park City High School ninth-grade student

Editor’s Note: This resolution was written for the Park City School Board to pass at their regular session meeting on Nov. 20.

Whereas ninth-grade students attend school at both TMIS and PCHS, with some students taking more than half their classes at PCHS and many students participating at both schools in sports and academic pursuits, now therefore, the Park City School District school board finds that this class of students are actual students at PCHS and that the faculty and staff and student body of PCHS are hereby directed to accord these students the same rights and privileges granted any regular full-time student.

Further, the school board finds that NOT granting these privileges is a form of hazing. Therefore, we direct that all such behavior end forthwith and that all rights, privileges and benefits normally granted to a member of the student body at either school shall also be accorded all ninth-graders attending both TMIS and PCHS.

These privileges shall include, but not be strictly limited to:

Appearing in sibling pictures in the PCHS yearbook, appearing in pictures taken of sports teams where the ninth-grader is a participant on any given PCHS team, yearbook pictures in music groups such as orchestra, band and choir. They shall be granted permission to attend extracurricular activities open to the general student body, under the same general rules or conduct required of regular full-time students at either school.

Administration of the student records and general yearbook class pictures for ninth-graders shall continue to be served by TMIS administrators. Unless specially invited, any general school assembly at PCHS during the course of a regular school day shall not excuse students attending TMIS at the time of the assembly. However, every attempt shall be made to integrate the efforts of both schools in a cost-effective manner so that ninth-graders are treated with proper respect and care instead of some sort of vile species of half-breed.