Sean Wharton |

Sean Wharton

Democratic candidate for County Council Seat A

Residence: Marion


Occupation: Business owner, The Gateway Grill in Kamas and the Gondola Grill in Deer Valley

Sean Wharton is a current member of the Eastern Summit County Planning Commission and said that between serving on the Commission and working as a business owner on both sides of the county for 30 years, he knows what residents want.

"I am familiar with the problems in the county," he said. "I have worked in the resort industry and with seasonal employees and know how to build good teams and work with anyone. I understand the issues confronting small business owners and know what they need."

Wharton ran for the same County Council seat four years ago against Sally Elliott and said that this time around, she is supporting him due to his communication skills and experience.

"Different areas of the county have different issues and someone representing them needs to understand both sides and communicate with them," he said. "Smart growth is my top issue along with unifying our county and obtaining a view for our future."

Wharton added that he wants to preserve the quality of life in the area and create more open space, as well as making sure everyone’s interests are represented.

"I would represent people from a first-hand perspective because I am a part of the underrepresented groups," he said. "I am a resort worker, farmer and small businessman on both sides of the community. I have had such a large amount of interaction with the people I would be representing on the County Council it would help with negotiating and understanding what everyone needs."


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