Search is on for scoreboard for Miners |

Search is on for scoreboard for Miners

With football season just around the corner and a new stadium on the horizon, one of the most prominent and visible will be a new scoreboard for Dozier Field. And rather than let the burden fall on the district, Parkite Bob Thorne, along with the help of David Moore, have made it their personal mission to give the Miners the best possible scoreboard they can find.

Thorne is the head of the Miners Football Task Force and Moore is the director of the Park City Lacrosse Association, but neither is acting on behalf of their organizations. Rather, they individually wanted to take the worry of securing a quality scoreboard for the various Park City teams that will use the new field away from the coaches.

The field will accommodate the track and soccer teams, as well as football and lacrosse, with sewn-on conversion markers on the field.

Steve Oliver, support services director for the Park City School District, presented the progress that Thorne and Oliver had made at a recent school board meeting. Most of the report included the type of scoreboard sought and the financing of the project.

"We just got a commitment from local business people to sponsor it," Thorne said.

Thorne said he wasn’t prepared to begin releasing the names of the sponsors, but says that he is still actively seeking other businesses or private donors to jump on board with the campaign to purchase the new scoreboard.

Thorne and Moore have been working with three different scoreboard suppliers to find the perfect one for Dozier Field. The previous scoreboard was over 20 years old and the two men are looking at models that will accommodate scoring for a variety of different sports as well as have a message board at the top.

" I thought it would be sort of a cool thing," Thorne said.

The models are what Thorne describes as, "small college-style." They all have tenth and hundredths of a second timing on the game clock, home and guest team scores and timeouts, a display for the yard line that the ball is on, yards to go and a display area for four major sponsor logos.

The men have done feasibility studies to make sure that it would be neither obtrusive nor bothersome to neighboring residences.

All of the models are also far more energy efficient than the previous scoreboard. They use light emitting diodes (LED), as opposed to the light bulbs of the old system, which use less power. Also, the scoreboard will be wireless. When the scoreboard arrives it can be placed with the assistance of a crane in one day. Thorne expects the new scoreboard to switch to the north side of the field rather than the former location in the south end.

Thorne, who’s son, Bobby, will be a senior on the Miners squad this fall, says that this is a labor of love that he has taken on for all Park City High School athletes present and future. He feels that something new and high quality will be a gift for the school that keeps on giving.

"To me, they’re great and I really enjoy them," Thorne said. "They deserve it for sure and that goes for all the teams."

In fact, Thorne is a bit of a reluctant representative for the scoreboard initiative.

"I’m not looking for anything out of this. I just want to see a scoreboard," Thorne said.

Thorne expects the final selection of the scoreboard to be made in the next few weeks. He also hopes to have all of its sponsors in place by then as well.

Thorne says that they plan to order and receive the new scoreboard by the Miners first home football game against Hillcrest in the annual Endowment Game on Aug 18. Shipment takes five to eight weeks, so the Miners may have to wait until slightly later in the season.

Park City head football coach Brandon Matich says that he is happy to not have to worry about the details of the new field and scoreboard, instead putting his energy into getting the team ready for the fall.

"As long as the score is higher than the other teams, then I’m happy," joked Matich.

Matich and the Miners will start their official preparations for the season when they head to summer camp at the College of Eastern Utah in two weeks. Match is currently focused on choosing and ordering new uniforms and helmets for the team.

For information on sponsorship, contact Thorne at 901-1198.

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