Searchers locate lost man |

Searchers locate lost man

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office was busy on Monday searching for people who were lost in the Uinta Mountains east of Kamas.

A state Department of Public Safety helicopter was dispatched to the Kings Peak area at about 7:30 a.m. to help look for a man who became lost the night before. Spotters in the chopper located the 35-year-old New Mexico man Monday at about 9 a.m., according to Detective Ron Bridge, a spokesman for the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

"He simply went on a day hike, which turned out to be an overnight stay," Bridge said.

The man was carrying a tent, sleeping bag, warm clothing and food. He was prepared to spend the night in the forest, Bridge explained.

Searchers began looking for him Monday at dawn. He began hiking near the Henrys Fork Trailhead on Sunday and eventually reached Dollar Lake, Bridge said.

"Then he turned around and started coming back down," Bridge said. "Nightfall came and his battery died on his flashlight."

The man left the path and became disoriented, he said.

"He walked approximately two hours from Dollar Lake," Bridge said. "That’s when he was able to obtain cell service and make a 911 call."

A search team was dispatched to the area on Monday after the man made contact with the authorities Sunday night.

"He was in good condition," Bridge said. "He simply was disoriented and didn’t know where he was in the dark He was asked to stay exactly where he was."

Shortly after finding the man, searchers were called to a separate search near Pass Lake, roughly 32 miles east of Kamas. Woodland resident Bob Wheaton, president of Deer Valley Resort, had been missing for nearly 24 hours. He was horseback riding in the Uinta Mountains Sunday afternoon.

Wheaton was located Monday at about 1:30 p.m.

"This is a typical summer day," Edmunds said in an interview Monday in the Uintas.

He said his volunteer search-and-rescue team had deployed about 35 times since May. Most of those searches were in the Uintas.

"That’s the summer season up here," Edmunds said. "Before summer is done, I’m sure we’ll be at 50 searches."

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