Season-pass holders at Park City muni golf course are a dwindling group |

Season-pass holders at Park City muni golf course are a dwindling group

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

The number of people who hold season passes at the municipal Park City Golf Club has dwindled to 23, a result of a decision more than a decade ago to stop selling the passes to people who did not already hold one.

Park City officials mentioned the number as part of a wider report outlining a series of figures related to the Golf Club. City Hall stopped offering season passes 12 years ago in an effort to boost revenue. Officials at that time saw that people who held season passes were playing many rounds. It made financial sense to eliminate the season passes, leaders at that time decided.

People who held season passes were allowed to continue purchasing them on an annual basis after the Golf Club stopped selling new ones. The report, which was recently distributed to Mayor Dana Williams and the Park City Council, indicated that the number of season passes reached a high of 112 and has been decreasing steadily since.

The report indicates there has been a sharp decrease in the number of rounds played by people holding season passes. In City Hall’s 2012 fiscal year, covering mid-2011 through mid-2012, there were 871 rounds played by people with season passes. In the previous fiscal year, people with season passes accounted for 1,186 rounds.

The drop between the two years amounts to 26.3 percent. It was the only drop among six categories of rounds detailed in the report.

Total rounds between the two years rose slightly, with the Golf Club reporting 20,037 rounds were played in the 2012 fiscal year, a 2.6 percent increase. The previous 12-month period saw 19,533 rounds played.

Some of the details of the report include:

  • Rounds played by residents, meaning those who live or own property within the Park City School District boundaries, rose 2.6 percent to 12,185.
  • Rounds played by nonresidents ticked upward by 2.1 percent, to 3,461.
  • Rounds played by people holding punch passes jumped 19.8 percent, to 1,040.
  • Rounds played by tour groups or arranged through lodging properties pushed up 8 percent, to 1,036.
  • Complimentary rounds played by staffers or others were up 14.4 percent, to 1,444. The report indicated staffers accounted for most of the complimentary rounds.

    "As the majority of our staff is part time seasonal this is the one major benefit we can provide for staff," the report said, noting that the Golf Club retained 92 percent of its employees last year.

    The report, meanwhile, described what the Golf Club considered a "difficult 2011 season." It said the start of the golf season was delayed nearly one month by the deep snow from last winter.

    "When we did get going in mid-May the weather continued to be an issue," the report said.

    The report, though, said the July-to-October period was good for business. The Golf Club in October enjoyed the best revenue numbers "in recent history," the report said.