Seasonal housing in short supply |

Seasonal housing in short supply

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

Seasonal workers are struggling to find housing as the number of available spaces dwindles.

"Right now as we hit the end of November, there is not a lot available and it has been really tough. At the last Roommate Roundup there were about 30 people there and only one landlord," said Scott Loomis, Executive Director of the Mountainlands Community Housing Trust.

Mountainlands has partnered with the Christian Center of Park City to sponsor an annual events that provide an opportunities seasonal workers to find roommates and housing, and assists homeowners in finding seasonal renters.

The Roundup is held every Wednesday 5 to 6:30 p.m. from Nov. 14 to Dec. 19.

"It usually starts slow," Loomis said. "There are usually a dozen or so people looking for housing and roommates at the first ones, and then 25 to 30 people when the resorts open."

Finding housing is particularly difficult in December, as it is when most seasonal workers arrive, he said.

"At the Roommate Roundup we usually see a lot of people who have rooms for rent at their houses. And we’re not seeing too much of that now," he said.

Loomis said he did not know why fewer people are renting their homes and rooms to seasonal workers.

"I think a lot of people have had good experiences," he said. "But maybe they are doing better now financially, so they don’t need to rent a room out to supplement their income."

The average rate for a rented space is $500 to $600 per month.

"They are probably at the high end of that right now," Loomis said. "But a lot of these workers are staying in hotels for $70 or $80 a night, so they’re anxious to get find a place. So if someone has a house or condo, it will probably get rented really quickly."

Not all renters attend the Roommate Roundup. Many post their rental spaces on Mountainlands’ website,, but the spaces are rented very fast, he said.

"These next couple weeks are really tough, so if anyone is thinking about it, now is the time to do it," Loomis said.

Renters and workers can go to to list or find housing, or attend the upcoming Roommate Roundup at the Christian Center, located at 1283 Deer Valley Drive in Park City.

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