Second avalanche happens near Canyons on Sunday |

Second avalanche happens near Canyons on Sunday

Sarah Moffitt, The Park Record

Another human-triggered avalanche occurred near Dutch Draw on Sunday afternoon adjacent to where a fatal avalanche happened on Thursday that killed Tim Baker, 24.

Utah Avalanche Center Forecaster Brett Kobernik said no one was injured in the avalanche on Sunday. The slide path overlapped with the previous one and Kobernik said he suspects whoever triggered it knows they did something "not smart."

"Luckily, no one had to be rescued, but the two slides shared a flank," he said, adding that skiers and snowboarders should have learned from Baker’s death that the backcountry, even when accessed through a resort gate, is very dangerous right now.

Canyons Ski Patrol reported the new avalanche which was estimated to be 125 feet wide and traveled over 400 feet.

Kobernik added that he suspects the people that triggered the second avalanche accessed the area through Canyons. A backcountry gate leading into the area is accessible from the Ninty-nine90 lift. The Dutch Draw area is not within the resort’s boundaries.

"This avalanche was so similar to the one that happened on Thursday we just feel lucky no one was injured," he said. "I have a feeling this isn’t the last avalanche we will see in this area this year because it is a popular place that is easy to access. People go through the backcountry gates and think they are still in monitored areas of the ski resort but they aren’t. People need to be really smart when skiing in the backcountry and sidecountry."

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