Sections of pipeline appear on side of road in Park Meadows |

Sections of pipeline appear on side of road in Park Meadows

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

Lots of Parkites realize City Hall is building a pathway along Holiday Ranch Loop Road.

But some might be wondering why section after section of pipeline has appeared along the route as well since a pipeline is not something that normally is installed during a pathway project.

The pipeline sections, which were set out to the side of the road recently, are part of a waterworks project that City Hall is undertaking at the same time as the construction of the Holiday Ranch Loop Road pathway.

The waterworks project has received little publicity as Parkites have been more interested in the pathway, part of a wide-ranging program to create safer routes for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Kathy Lundborg, who manages City Hall’s water programs, water line will stretch from the McLeod Creek crossing of Holiday Ranch Loop Road to the Holiday Ranch Loop Road-Little Kate Road intersection, covering a length of 2,600 feet. The line is 18 inches in diameter.

According to Lundborg, the water line is important as City Hall meets agreements dating from as early as the 1980s. She said a legal agreement in 1984 requires City Hall to maintain a flow of water into Silver Creek, downstream from the site of the water line and through the Park Meadows Country Club golf course.

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In a separate agreement, dating to 1990, the country club granted City Hall water rights in exchange for Park City delivering water to the golf course for irrigation purposes, she said.

The water delivery to the golf course has been accomplished through ditches. Lundborg said the water will be sent through the line along Holiday Ranch Loop Road when it is finished. It will be "more efficient" to move the delivery from the ditch to the water line, Lundborg said. The golf course will use the water in its sprinkler system, she said.

City Hall is paying the full price of the line, estimated to cost $161,000. Lundborg said undertaking the work at the same time as the pathway is built will save money.

The water line is scheduled to be completed by the middle of October, Lundborg said, at the same time the pathway is expected to be done.

Lundborg said regular Parkites had not inquired about the work through the end of the week. The work is occurring amid a series of far more distracting projects — the redo of Bonanza Drive and the resurfacing of S.R. 224, among them.

The pathway that is under construction along the same route as the water line will be eight feet wide for most of the route and made of asphalt. Park City officials call it a multi-use pathway, but it will narrow to a sidewalk close to S.R. 224.

The pathway is budgeted to cost $774,740, with the funding set aside from a successful ballot measure that raised money for pedestrian and bicyclist upgrades across Park City.

Other upgrades related to the pathway include fixing drainage issues at the Holiday Ranch Loop Road-Little Kate Road intersection, narrowing the width of a section of Holiday Ranch Loop Road and improving a trail crossing at McLeod Creek.