Sept. 11 Remembrance Day sought in Park City |

Sept. 11 Remembrance Day sought in Park City

Park City Day School second grade students recite the Pledge of Allegiance with Park City and Summit County law enforcement officers during a ceremony Tuesday morning, September 11, 2018. Each year, the school celebrates Patriots Day and remembers 9/11 by focusing on gratitude to those that serve in the community and for the country.
Tanzi Propst/Park Record

Neal Krasnick recalls the good mood of Park City in the early fall of 2001 with the 2002 Winter Olympics just a few months away.

Then, on Sept. 11, the mood changed as terrorists struck on the East Coast, he said on Thursday, two days after the nation marked the 17th anniversary of the attacks. Krasnick approached Mayor Andy Beerman and the Park City Council, addressing the elected officials about Sept. 11 in an unscheduled appearance at the Marsac Building.

Krasnick asked the elected officials to formally recognize the anniversary of the attacks. He wants the leaders to mark Sept. 11 as Remembrance Day. He likened terrorists to bullies. Krasnick, reading from a prepared statement, called for Park City to remember the date.

“Bullies and their tactics will always exist. Someday the people bullies terrorize may not win in the fight to be free. I wish to have the city of Park City make a statement: this city will fight bullies and terrorism by enacting a Remembrance Day on Sept. 11. Each year we need to visually and verbally remember the possibility bullies of the world will attempt to force their ideas on people who do not think or feel the same as the bullies,” the prepared statement said.

He said there is creativity in Park City to “keep alive how we, as a free nation, resisted and won against a group of terrorists.”

“The act of creating the ideas of freedom to each and every generation should be embodied on 9/11 by the city of Park City,” he said.

Krasnick added: “If enough people feel we need to remember then let them be heard. Please find a way to answer the question I have brought to you today. Please use 9/11 as a day to remember and fight bullies and terrorism.”

The elected officials did not hold an extensive discussion in response to the comments. Park City emergency services agencies typically mark the Sept. 11 anniversary on their own. The agencies have organized public ceremonies on the anniversary as well, but they are not scheduled annually. Other organizations, such as schools, sometimes honor the date. The Park City Day School, as an example, commemorates Sept. 11 by focusing on gratitude for first responders. The school held a ceremony on Tuesday morning.

In an interview after his remarks to the elected officials, Krasnick said Sept. 11 could be marked like Park City honors other important dates.

“Just like we have a Miners Day. We have a Fourth of July. We have a Memorial Day,” he said.

Krasnick did not provide detailed ideas but said, perhaps, short films about freedom could be shown on the date.

It was unclear whether leaders would pursue a broadened commemoration of future anniversaries. Any future discussions would likely involve law enforcement agencies like the Park City Police Department and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office in addition to the Park City Fire District, three agencies that were involved in earlier anniversaries. The elected officials would also be expected to be heavily involved.

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