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‘Share the road’ signs won’t honor Corliss

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

Signs won’t be posted on Old Ranch Road in the Snyderville Basin to encourage drivers to share the road with cyclists while memorializing Bill Corliss, a Summit County man who was struck by a car and killed while riding his bicycle in Utah County last year.

"I don’t see that we would have a lot of requests for this sort of thing," Summit County Public Works Administrator Kevin Callahan said.

Still, Summit County Commissioner Sally Elliott encouraged friends of Corliss to "adopt" the roadway by picking up litter on behalf of the man.

"If we do it for one, what are we going to start memorializing and what does the policy involve?" County Commissioner Bob Richer added.

Road signs shouldn’t be posted as memorials until county officials can create a policy to define when someone would qualify for the honor, he said.

"To start memorializing people who get killed on the highways, I think it’s a noble cause, but I think you open up a can of worms," Summit County Commissioner Ken Woolstenhulme said. "There is no end to where you can go with it."

Contact Callahan at (435) 615-3978 to clean up roadways in Summit County on behalf on someone who has passed away.

"We identify road segments that we think are safe," Callahan said, adding that to adopt a 2-mile stretch of road groups must agree to clean the streets twice annually for two years.