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Sheriff Blotter

Sarah Moffitt The Park Record

Multiple calls were made to Summit County dispatch over the weekend regarding disturbing the peace, illegal fireworks and juvenile drinking problems associated with Independence Day celebrations.

June 27

A young boy and girl were seen in the Basin walking along Highland Drive with a BB Gun.

A man in the Basin reported receiving a fraudulent check in December which he cashed through his bank. The man had no knowledge the check was fraudulent until recently when he noticed it was having an effect on his credit report.

A woman in the Basin reported that the ice cream truck was near the Pine Creek Condos and is not allowed to be there.

Two women were hiking in the Basin when they heard a man yelling and flashing a light at them. They did not approach the man because they had a small child with them and were unsure if he was lost or hurt.

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June 28

A man reported an Audi with four men inside driving around the Basin throwing fireworks at cars.

A woman in South Summit requested increased patrols in her neighborhood where cars were reportedly driving 40 mph over the speed limit.

A man in the Basin reported that his car keys were stolen out of a locker and his pickup truck was missing from the parking lot.

Kids broke open an emergency door at a retailer in the Basin and stole a few items out of the store.

June 29

A woman in South Summit reported a man harassing her while she was shopping at a gas station.

A two-car rollover accident occurred in North Summit at 7:05 a.m. There was only one person in each car and neither sustained major injuries.

A North Summit man reported an unlicensed solicitor going door-to-door selling asphalt.

June 30

A woman in the Basin reported her two-year old son and her keys were locked inside her car and she did not have an extra key.

A woman in the Basin reported a man hitchhiking on U.S. 40 toward Heber. He was unable to walk properly and appeared intoxicated.

July 1

In South Summit a Dodge Intrepid hit a parked car in a parking lot and then left the scene.

A man in the Basin reported that the license plates had been removed from his motorcycle.

July 2

A DUI was reported in the Basin when a car was seen going the wrong way on the eastbound Interstate 80 entry ramp.

A caller said that a 14-year old girl wearing a hot pink shirt was in a Basin restaurant yelling loudly and hitting the menus. Deputies went through the area but did not make contact with the girl.

Dispatch received a call that the 400-pound boulder located near the Chevron gas station in the Basin was moved and is now by the fog line. Chevron said it is not their boulder.

July 3

A man in the Basin reported three juveniles threw eggs and yogurt all over his garage.

A Lincoln Navigator hit a bicyclist in the Basin on Bear Hollow Drive and McKinney Court. The bicyclist, a 54-year old male, sustained only minor injuries and was not taken to the hospital. The driver of the SUV, a 50-year old male from California, was cited with failing to yield the right of way.